Major insurance providers accepted

Major insurance providers accepted

If you’ve ever spent any time in a hospital (of course, any time spent at a hospital is really too long) you’ve probably felt a bittersweet feeling stemming from having your health problem (hopefully) taken care of, but also the bitter taste of the hospital bill you know you’re going to receive, which can be more bitter than any pill you have to take while at the hospital.

If you don’t carry health insurance, you definitely know the big blows are still coming — and you thought appendicitis could be painful. Today, medical treatments are expensive in almost every part of the world.

Unfortunately, even those with health insurance are faced with high medical bills due to health insurance policies not covering certain health issues, opting for high deductibles you haven’t even begun to meet, and numerous other factors, like covering treatments for pre-existing conditions.

At Samj Specialist Hospital we accept the specified health insurance providers.