General Surgical Consult. and Operations

General Surgical Consultation and Operations

Surgical consultation is an essential part of any surgical procedure. At Samj Specialist Hospital, our surgical specialists make assessment as to whether a patient is fit to undergo surgery and if the benefits of the procedure outweigh the risk.

We also monitor the patient’s recovery and progress after the procedure, ensuring that there are no complications or if there are, we ensure that they are managed and addressed as soon as possible.

Surgery is a branch of medicine that deals with the treatment, management, and assessment of a wide range of medical conditions, such as cancer and heart transplant, among others. Surgery can also be performed for aesthetic purposes (example: facelift, breast reduction, etc.). It typically involves using local or general anesthesia and making excisions using hand tools and more advanced instruments to access the affected part and perform any action that is needed to achieve the desired result.

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